Thursday, October 25, 2007

wanted to try out d40x while on the way to joshua's place yester...but the battery just went flat on me! wahh i think i will have to get backups soon if not it could mean disaster.

oh in service today was quite lame. really. had sop on bubble threats, talk by dr money and deeparaya celebrations (oh the epitome of boredom and lameness combined). but i guess the only nice part of the day was our little excursion to kerbau rd's chapati shop.

OK the chapati's not nice at all... haha but i really enjoyed my team mate's company, cuz i must cherish every moment with them since i am going to ord soon. argh. oh there is a new sc junkai. another new kid on the block. that's fast i had to wait 9 months for chuan's replacement but mine came even before i left. hahah lucky peter. ahaha we all thought that junkai loves skating cuz he wears skater shoes and really baggy jeans. teenagers nowadays ar...

oh cropping is fun. i think i will go to the extent of over-cropping. that's not good. stop me please.

anton and chan have been telling me to get a tripod and remote control for taking long exposure shots and night shots. oh man. that means more money to be spent. argh i guess i just have to figure out the basics first.

P S A M. they sound intimidating.

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