Sunday, October 28, 2007

i took nearly 800 pictures the past 2 days. and i finished cropping and deleting the ugly ones in 3 hours. bloody 3 hours doing the editing made my eyes sore. how am i going to survive 5 days of phototaking in taiwan. haha but i must admit it was fun experimenting with my new camera. wheee. my new wife. :D

i had a great night out with raymond and lip yong after my morning shift on friday. we went to plaza sing for desserts at cafe cartel since they always have cakes at half price after 9. wheee so we just grabbed the last 2 pieces of banana rum cake off the display fridge and happily tucked in. was it banana rum cake? i think it is. haha.

we were walking the escalators towards gv at the 6th floor when we saw 2 osim back massaging chairs at the 3rd floor. ok so lip yong and raymond went to have a try and they thought that it was really painful. then they went up to the 4th floor and had another go. i have retarded friends...
hmmm so then we went to watch STARDUST at gv. it's a really interesting movie about medieval witchcraft and there was a flying ship with traders capturing lightning to sell. how cool is that?! even though i thought that the ending was REALLY lame, well there were alot of funny moments and it's still a good movie to catch.

my family went to simpang rengam, somewhere in johor, on saturday because we were supposed to attend a concert dinner that he had organised for his singing group and fellow villagers. HAHA. it's quite a grand event actually cuz i think we had 99 tables of guests. ok la it was held in a school hall but still alot of ppl turned up for the event, and i was our table photographer for the night. :)


my niece alicia having fun. well i took hundreds of pics but i think only this one turned out good. haha

oh man my propnex course starts tml!!! needs to revise.

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