Tuesday, October 23, 2007

what a day!

oh everything went rather smoothly, other than a car fire that shane managed to put out with a working fire extinguisher, ...and this one.

there were several calls received on a lady who was sorta on a hacking spree, carrying her chopper and pair of scissors around cutting potted plants and hacking wooden doors. so when we arrived we saw this middle aged woman who was REALLY REALLY MENTALLY UNSOUND holding her weapons up high on both hands and walking towards us in a very mechanical manner (think zombies), and shouting 'i m god' and whatnots in chinese. yah nothing really makes sense except that we had to keep moving back and a distance away from her, making sure that no other residents were near her at the same time. some of the residents got really curious by looking out of their metal gates. i believe among those some of them really had suicidal tendencies.

ok so she was walking towards us proclaiming that she is god and we were retreating, partly to buy time waiting for our tl to come with his taser (f.y.i. it's an electric gun that sends really friendly electric pulses through your body :) ) i was then instructed by ramli to go to the ground floor to make sure that no one was near to get hit by any fallen objects. and then i saw tl rushing to scene. but he was one floor below the others and i guess he didn't have the slightest idea where their exact location was. i shouted for him and he seemed to have gotten the location out of nowhere. ok that's good. so i started dashing up the stairs so as not to miss a glimpse of someone getting tassed at. (how exciting!) oh well i was a tad too late as tl had already fired a shot at her, and she was already lying face down, albeit still struggling to wriggle out of this nasty situation. so sedek gave her another current. well she was really strong despite her small size and continued struggling then.

ok at this point tl spotted some of us SCs standing behind him looking on at all the excitment and drama and not really working as we should be. (well we should be pinning her to the floor by then). haha so kenna scolded. peter seemed to be rather shocked by what was happening (crazy woman chasing us with choppers, then kenna tassed.) yah and he looked really stony/stern, which i couldn't really differentiate. haha ok la in the end we managed to pin her down with nadiah pulling the needles out from her body in a very kan-chiong manner.

ya it was a job well done i guess. one less insane woman walking down the streets for all of us. :D

edwin just told me that tonight's his last tour. WTH i still have 5 more tours to go. ok it's different. i work in a busier estate as compared to his so i had to take more leaves. BLEAH.

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