Sunday, November 15, 2009

just updated my profile on facebook listing all my favourite singers. :)

family day is good. i miss free sats. :) just baked another batch of brownies with mum. i am mummy's boy. HAHHA

managed to figure out some harmonising parts with rubberband. cool shit.

YAY 2 out of 3 songs done. i need good inspiring lyrics. shall look for inspirations in my dreams.

I think i have been having persistent night coughs lately. HOW. and my sorethroat just doesn't heal. pls let me have a consultation session with lip yong when he comes back. muahaah the advantage of having a doctor-to-be friend.

yesh. really can't wait to see joshua and lip yong again!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

anyway i think i dun have much to study for the exams this sem. :) or at least i think i don't.

and daryl. stop being a closet mugger. we all know that you are one. just mug openly. HAHHA

wants to pick up korean and do choir elective next sem. :)

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