Friday, November 20, 2009

argh how do i start recounting the happenings of today, cuz today ended on a bad note.

went to ps yamaha to get my capo. DAMN EX la! 22 bucks for this little black springy thing!

yeah then rehearsal with rubberband at vivo. our songs were all too slow!!! haha. anyway chatted with aijia and chenliang during our break, and i realised that aijia's really a xiao da ren. (and yes, daryl, not jia ai.) she's really quite mature and i really cannot believe that she is just 15.

and i saw Xunqi at vivo. he was performing with syco. omg so qiao! i thought the only place we would ever meet each other would be at mrs liang's house. HAHAH

okay tml sing well, play well, don't break the voice, and don't play wrong notes. :P

and my mom ate my brownies!! hahah ok la it's better this way i guess. won't spoil the throat! :P

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