Sunday, October 04, 2009

good morning!

refering to melvin's post on his quarter-life crisis (okay i know i am slow again...HAHA) - life is, once again, doing what u love. it's not about getting through the singapore education system, get a degree, then a good job, and finally get married, have kids and grandkids, and die. it's about loving what u do and doing what u love!

who says you can't earn your bread and butter doing art and music? (and tourism! hahah). but of cuz. watching animes won't get you very far. esp with all the funny crap that the storywriters came out with! hahah. i love one piece.

and so i am going to start work on the ab213 lit review and compile the written report. seeya at noon. oh yes. i have to bug the other melvin to give me his lit review. if not i am going to baotoh him!!!! ;X

heading to teban gardens in the evening for the final mid-autumn festival performance at the heartlands!

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