Monday, October 05, 2009

hahah my spirits sorta went this way after hearing what my mom said to me. I know she wants to help by saying that my compositions were too draggy and flat and my singing's been getting worse, esp my passagios and falsetto, but i can't help but feel bad about myself. HAHAHA this happened after i received junyang's email about writing a song for 郭靜 and started humming and singing... :P

anyway saw a funny article on THE BUSINESS TIMES (?!?!?!). here it goes
"For those who champion Singlish, can they picture the image of a translator standing next to her (Ris Low) in the Miss World finals, if Ms Low had made it that far."
the moment i started imagining, okay i can't. nvm. i am still very disturbed by her indifference towards her act of dishonesty. JUST 认错 lah!

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