Saturday, October 03, 2009


will work towards the bigger stage!

miaoru called me after her perf at queenstown and complained that the crowd was so .______. HAHAH yeah that's when i told her that sometimes we have to pretend hat they are high and we have to 自high. the performance at 888 plaza was more comforting than yesterday's because even though it was raining quite heavily today, the crowd was warmer, and of cuz i felt happier singing for them.

waiting for the bus along upp east coast road to go for choir prac.

erm. bored. my green tee + neckie + jacket.

AUNTY's POPIAH from beer garden! still the best popiah i have ever eaten!

performance area at 888 plaza.

oh yeah and just one final pic which i haven't been able to post since quite sometime ago.
beware! it's controversial! =X

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