Friday, June 12, 2009

i am still sick. OH WELL.

HAHA happy birthday to myself!! woohoo! thanks for all the wishes that you guys have sent me :D hahaha

yeah porridge for dinner at 9 plus with daryl and mika. yeah have to prepare for so many performances. good and bad la. i think i am not getting enough rest leh. HAHAH! but no complaints!!! i think i will definitely miss this when it ends!

i am still trying desperately to improve my piano playing skills before sunday. HAHA! DESPO liao.

anyway went for shooting this morning with edwin and nassar. i got MARKSMAN! woohooo means got money liao la. HAHA! but pls don't ask for a treat. my first time getting monetory incentive from SPF k? must save. HAHA!

yup gotta go to ob tml at 1230. better sleep!!! :D

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