Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WOW my whole day was burnt becuz of auditions. hahaha

tk came to my house at 10plus to practise our duet song. heeeeheee then we watched half of harold and kumar 2 before leaving for ocean butterfly at 2.30pm. heeeheee i guess everything went ok except that a few lyrics didn't come out properly from my mouth.

went to maxwell food centre for some fish porridge with teck kuan, and teck kuan had to make ham chim peng at this store whereby the auntie just threw in the dough and he had turn them in the oil himself! hahah oh and i helped everlyn to tapao FIFTEEN goreng pisang for her crew mates. HAAHAHAH this is called HUI LU. :D

then waited a long time for the very singer audition to start. saw hong jun yang and xu huan liang inside there. i think i barely sang for 30 seconds before the bell sounded. oh well. wonder how things went. PRAY HARD FOR ME!!!

yup and so i was late for dinner with alicia, jerrick and agus. HAAHAAHHA really very very full from dinner, but i am glad that my old-lady-with-mole joke went well during dinner. HEEEHEEE aiyah so sad for alicia that many people are leaving again...:(

oh man have to return to school tml to help derrick with photo-taking...BAHHHHHH

can't believe ziyi initiated a class outing. STUNNED-ED. our 61st month anniversary. :D

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