Friday, December 19, 2008

yay. just came back from suntec city. had a wheel of a time at nydc with alicia, jocasta, jerrick, alan, agus, jun wei, yi chen and jie ying. HAHAH played the usual zhong ji mi ma. oh ah ma gave me my upselling vouchers! 80 dollars! hahahhaha can't believe i still have upselling after leaving mms for 5 months. :D hahahahahhahahhhahhahahahah i am PROUD of MYSELF!
aieks forgot to bring back the usb port to transfer photos from my phone to my comp. ARGH.
(but kapoed them from alicia's and jerrick's blog. still waiting for alan's photos. HAHA)

before that i went back to hall in the morning to get my laptop. bought waffles and bubble tea for meself and ykx. heeheee. oh man cheerleading pracs are getting more and more xiong. SHIT.

after breakfast went to copthorne king to met arlene there and take a look around.

passed ah ma, alicia, jerrick, alan and irene my cards le. YAY. :D

HAPPY now. :)

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