Thursday, November 20, 2008

MUAHAHAHA just came back from IKEA! meatballs are yum yum.

oh yes after walking around IKEA we were thinking about having a baby theme for christmas! hahah

oh daniel coudn't study so we were getting fresh air from outside the comm hall, which was just beside my room. and there was this little guybird/ladybird. And then derrick and wensi came and we decided to head to IKEA for dinner. there were suhui, eleanor, wensi, kim min, daniel, derrick and ore-sama. :D

and this was what happened after dinner....


Kim Min

Christmas lighting outside Queensway shopping centre

oh and the little semi-dead frog that we saved from the road. it was standing there motionlessly and daniel used leaves to bring it to the grasspatch. WAH SOMEONE KIND-HEARTED sia...HAHAHA
okay everyone mug hard! hang on! few more days/weeks to go!

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