Friday, June 13, 2008

so 3 birthday celebrations. HAHA

went to fish and co with sue lynn, marcus, jie jun, shihui, jer yeo, sandy, emma and tiong. was forced to stand on a high stool while EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT sang me a happy birthday song while i was holding a sparkler.


today was milder. went to sandy's house to play wii and to help her finish the food cuz group 3 decided to mass-pangsay her. so emma and i went over to help finish the rice. and ice cream. and m&ms. hahah

then i rushed home in a cab. didn't know that from balestier to bishan can cost me 9 bucks. HAHA okay it was peak hour maybe that's why. yy, daniel, melvin, brandon, samuel and joel came to my house to discuss hong kong trip. so mid-way i heard some noise from the door but i didn't think much about it. then suddenly everyone started singing the birthday song with the candle in front of me. HHAHA okay that was quite a surprise cuz daniel and joel SNEAKED into the house without my knowledge. THANK YOU GUYS TOO. :D

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