Monday, July 09, 2007


watched transformers in 2k digital at vivocity today! woohoo it was fantastic. robots, cars, megan fox (whee.), action... what more can a guy ask for? alright maybe a little more plot.

i took joyce's advice to watch it in the cinema - i can never make my house shake like THAT theatre i was in. the effects were 'wow's, 'way-too-cool's and 'how-did-they-do-that?'s! i was totally amazed by the fifth minute. however, one thing i did not like was how megatron was killed and how the battle against the decepticons were won eventually. it was a bit too brief and lack excitment. oh well. transformers deserves a blue post. :D

optimus prime was oh ho ho. oh ho ho ho. oh ho ho ho ho. megan fox is going to be mine for the entire day tomorrow. HURHURHUR. i am so fortunate.

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