Thursday, January 18, 2007

throwing tantrums.

bored.feeling extremely lethargic after these few days' work! blah. just had in-service at DHQ and seccom road show at toa payoh. it was so boring. anyway was sitting in vincent's car just now and i heard one song called 黑色毛衣 being played on his radio. its one nice jay chou's song that i have never heard of! haha.
anyway am working on some banner thingie for weikiat's samba. yup, a great way to keep me busy after all these boring stuffs take over half of my life. HEHE.

i should be a more interesting person. i remembered that faithful day i met joyce from S61 junior class, whom i happened to meet at citylink, telling me that "(something something something....), you are boring what..." hahah that's all i remembered from the entire conversation, and her forever chao-tared face thanks ar joyce you are a great mortal (or is it angel). i won't forget you. HAHA.

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