Tuesday, November 20, 2012

time to photo bomb! :P
just got back from 11-day moscow-houston work(/play) trip. heehee
me in front of the kremlin at the red square in moscow. super cold
i tried rabbit meat for the first time (don't judge me). 
it's even more tender than chicken.
 into houston, first lunch at cheesecake factory! tell you the portions are HUGE.
4 main courses and 4 cakes for 7 of us and we almost couldn't finish it.

and of cuz, some shopping at A&F. :) 

i met my batchie miss vanessa ong! 
she was kinda irritated by my apple fanboy mode while catching up at cheesecake factory (again)!
 wasn't easy getting the mini! but i got it in the end with some luck and perseverance.

 during one of the clear days in houston we had a road trip to nasa space museum. 
laila is a joke. very funny joke. haha.
 all of us in the picture while on the really windy tram tour.
 us in a little of everything.
frigging huge ass space shuttle.
 after exploring space we had dinner at the famous Boiling Crab.
my first time trying fresh oysters!!!!!!!
and the aftermath of crawfish, prawns, and crabs.


when we went back to chilly moscow we had a drinking session one night.
here's a photo of us getting cheap cheap vodka and whiskey from the local mart.
 and then met up with vee again with eugene for dinner at il natno (crew joint)
really good cheese pizza and squid ink spaghetti!
 i wasn't in luck for russian circus though. 
had a really nice couple from hk help us with some photos outside the theatre. :P

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