Monday, November 05, 2012

ok time for some photo updates! ;D

went on a 5-day trip to hongkong with my mom and met up with 2 of my best friends! yeppie
took the airport express for the first time and am very impressed with its speed and user-friendliness
mongkok, the most densely populated space on mother earth.

o spent the next day taking the star ferry, getting on the peak tram, and taking photos with fake people. haha
 ooo met up with alicia in macau. 
brought mom to the ktv for the first time.

oooo spent the next day cutting queues at lantau island. heehee
 the world under our feet.

 and then we went to laichikok, shamshuipo, and then avenue of stars at tst.
 and very nice of daniel to bring us to dim sum!

okay we ordered takeaway breakfast from tsuiwah on the last day. heeehee. 
and yah glimpses of pp's prestigious abode. HAHAHA

and it's back to work tomorrow. okay i m lucky i get an extra day off. :P

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