Sunday, September 30, 2012

yay another fulfilling day!

had lunch with mr and yn at ah loy thai @ shaw towers and then tom's palette (thanks to pp's recommendation!)
we had stier-fried pork with basil leaves, pad thai and kangkong. and longan chengteng to drink.
the food was good and i will definitely head there for a meal sometime soon!

i have seen a few friends posting pictures of this secret artsy fartsy hideout. finally arrived today at arteastiq's art jam with kmr and we had a wheel of a time mixing colours on the palette and spilling paint on our limbs. super proud of ourselves to have spent 3 hours sitting patiently on a chair painting the canvas...

first of all, i love how unkempt the floor is.
 heehee wearing the artist's apron.
and the clock starts now! tick tock tick tock...
the horizon was a good place to start painting. (oh you see we browsed through some illusttrations for inspiration, and i got one for reference on my top left corner)
: )
the queen totally engrossed in her work. typical virgo.
and...VOILA! heehee super pleased with what we did! (although i did not draw the little boat due to time constraint but i emphasised a little more on the clouds! hhahahha
 oh for your information the session costs S$48nett, giving you 3 hours, unlimited paint, and a free drink from their menu. and after everything is done the canvas is packaged nicely with cardboard. oh you can bring home the brushes too but i didn't cuz i think i mistreated them too badly that most of them were crinkled and out of shape already... :P okay on to cooking next time! 
 oh and then it was shuffle night. got to sing 'need you now' with kmr.

okay gotta go grab some sleep before packing for melbourne tomorrow. :)

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