Sunday, September 23, 2012

had a furball of a time in tokyo.
woke up late (and missed the lunch meeting time!) and decided to walk around on my own.
there's a new mall called diver city nearby and i had lunch there. it was kinda like genki sushi in singapore, whereby orders arrive on trains. but the sushi here wasn't very good. :(
 and then it was after-meal desserts at a vending machine!
 saw the mini statue of liberty from afar the other time. this time up close and personal. next time it will be the real one in New York!!!! hahaa when will that be i wonder.
oooo the highlight of the trip must have been at aeon pet shop. HAHHA spent 700yen to play with kittens for half an hour (deprived me).

 why o why.
 there's a shrine at the top of the shopping mall.
 and then it was dinner by the sea before knocking out at 5pm singapore time.
and i am packed for amsterdam! :)

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