Monday, July 30, 2012

awesome trip to OSAKA! :)
we spent the first day heading towards Nara, where we were supposed to feed deers and climb through the hole of enlightenment
and so, the first stop to osaka station, which was in itself a city maze!

cleanse the face and body before entering the sacred temple sites

walked for a while and then it was deer-feeding time. 
daryl was right. they became really vicious the moment u take out ur wallet to pay for the senpei.

it was a really HOT day and we stopped by a roadside inn for some soba.

the hole that we were talking about. failed terribly as we were too paiseh to get stuck with a queue behind us...HAHA

time for a group photo with jon and michelle!

feeling at home once we reached the supermarket! haha

otw back home from nara.

dinner at a high end japanese grill. the food was really good! :)

went out solo shopping the next day! 
osaka station city is SOOOO big i became lost for the first time in my year of work!
walked around for 15mins and ended up at the same spot. =.=

heehee and finally, i managed to eat my aurora salmon sushi and takopachi!

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