Friday, May 18, 2012

been to a few places...

second time to adelaide (this time with really good 20degc weather!)
 had the most awesomest yoghurt! :D
 and had thai-malay food with the crew

 then it was off to seoul (this time without my buds.)
sad...had bread pudding at cafe a:re alone.
 and then late night grocery shopping at lotte mart at 11pm! (it closes at midnight!!!!)

 got called up for maldives yesterday.
lack of sleep but the company was fantastic and the scenery was very picturesque.
went snorkelling again and got cut by some coral/stone.
(i secretly think that maldives is overrated)

 had my virgin prawning experience at sinming yesterday!
it's so near to where i stayed but i have nv been there.
hahaha foresee more prawning trips in the future! :D

o yeah! the night we sent regina off. miss ya girl!

okay currently refreshing some japanese phrases.
fukuoka tomorrow. i heard they have really tasty ramen and strawberry swiss rolls. :D

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