Friday, November 05, 2010

attempt to add in twitter widget failed.

what's up with all the xmas decoration along orchard road at the beginning of november?!?!?!
anyway had fun with 3+1 (consisting of barney, puff, ykx and zhutou) with our mini-acrobatics show at hk cafe. and we kept disturbing xiaoming/yongsheng the waiter at the restaurant. HAHA! before that we karaoke at kbox express (yes, again. 3rd time this week. HAHA!!!) then we had dinner at 4 fingers@ion, the food's quite good! but our second dinner was kinda ruined with ittacho closed for ordering. BLAH. so in the end we settled down at hk cafe.

okay fine i dunno how to make my blog posts interesting. blah.
i think the milo dinosaur caused the pimple outbreak.

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