Saturday, June 05, 2010

i had sooooo much fun with all the children in malacca and kl. i miss them already!!! :(

hhahah some of the things we've done:

- the whole bus kept singing 2 songs (baby and eenie meanie) throughout the entire trip. now i know how to sing them already. HAHAHA justin bieber fever made at least 3 of them buy justin bieber's cds from the shop at mid valley.
- celebrated and gave a brithday surprise to gwen (woohoo i made a card for her and asked everyone to write on it secretly! haha)
- visited quite a few landmarks, such as the tugu negara and st francis xavier's church's ruins in melaka
- had really nice cheese wedges at tesco's kfc!!! woohoo.
- visited the handicapped training centre and the indian orphanage: we helped to clean up and sort rubbish for 2 hours at the centre, and then the next day played games with the kids at the nearby field. should ask mrs tan to help plan games in their next trip she's really good!
- brought jedrek to the clniic at klcc when he was feeling pain in the tummy. even before he had medicine, i bought him for mushroom soup at dome, and he was already feeling better. HOW FAST WAS THAT. HAHAH
- i guess the only thing that i was short off was a group photo with them. OH WELLs. I got a peck on the cheek from some of the boys sitting at the back, and the kids in front gave me sasuke keychain. GOOD 'NUFF! :)

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