Friday, April 23, 2010


after having avocado milk for some time, i have my own ranking of avocado milk in singapore! haha remember it's avocado MILK, NOT avocado JUICE! i like avocado milk with ice more than its blended version. ;) it's only good if it's a pale-ish green, like the one above.

1. MAXWELL FOOD CENTRE (Fruit drink stall at the last row along the centre aisle) - well-blended, creamy, rich taste of avocado
2. Thai Express
3. Block 226 AMK St 22 Kebun Baru Mall (Cheap ($2) and good! only drawback was that it was a lil milky.)
4. NTU North Spine

the one opp andy's shop at Blk 724 AMK Central Market and Food centre USED TO BE CHEAP and GOOD until they stopped selling avocado milk. KNS.

and the rest i have tasted were quite yucky, like the one i had at amk hub b2. TOO CREAMY and PANDAN-ish. and a few others.

AND i found some nutritional facts too!
contrary to what iris has said, avocado doesn't have any trans fats!

swallows saliva.

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