Monday, February 22, 2010

ok and so the 4 things happened as planned.

BM305 meeting was rather productive :)
had egyptian lunch with josh. woohoo humus! then we went to the burnt house along arab street (?! shit what's the name??!?! oh yes haji lane!) yeah was climbing high and low, almost got hit by a nail, and was traumatised by joshua's account of how the second level almost collapsed from his weight. HAHAH! yeah we were trying to get drinks at 7eleven only to arrive at the store swamped by kids at their school excursions. HAHAHA what luck.
and had a photoshoot! woohoo josh's photography skills and camera are DAMN GOOD!

mr koh! yeah check out josh's facebook photos! esp the hdr ones!
then interview with ashli from transinex.
then sco rehearsal at sch. i walked from adelphi to SCH! woohoo. yeah had my subway dinner which i bought at 8.30pm at 10pm. OMG. haha

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