Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 days of training at ritz carlton was quite sian, hahah though the formation of our group, cheese crackers, was quite fun! :) you know why we used that name? hahaha okay it was my brilliant idea. :P

was out with ivan on sat night. he treated dinner (erm 2 mcnuggets and half a mega mcspicy. HAHA) then i sorta treated the luck machine at the arcade. hahah he's apparently quite good at it. if only we have tried harder we could've gotten that darned PS3. oh well. left for home before going to gabriel's housewarming party at braddell. :) oh sat was the night of melodious inspirations too. HAHA

i am hooked on one piece la. DIE. i have to do my malay assignment and ab213. :)

learnt from suelynn a few weeks ago that we should treat everyone as if he/she is our best friend.

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