Friday, July 24, 2009

22nd July marks the beginning of RUBBERBAND. HAHA!

yooosh just came back from supper at swensen's at changi airport. yeah spent the whole day with zach, daryl and miaoru doing midi stuff - from daryl's house where we saw all his fanciful equipments, to funan and excelsior where i got all my stuff from...managed to buy an audio interface which comes with cubase, condenser mic, lotsa cables and a mike stand... hahah still neeed alot of setup to be done!!! shall do it tml morning. HAHA :)

yeah then we had supper at swensen's. kept listening to the other guys talk about army stuff. HAHA~ jiayou bryan and alan who will be enlisting tml! and may all the sick birds (alex, julio, ashton, etc...) get well soon :)

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