Friday, April 03, 2009

alright. and so i was a little bit grumpier the past few days. HHAHAHA

received 3 hoaxes on april fool's. first thing in the morning with alicia telling me that she would be heading back to kl that day. second one during marketing class. then the third one when ben told me that marcus told him that sue lynn is in hospital and whether we should visit her. :P

oh yeah was at ocean butterfly yesterday and hong jun yang was our teacher for the unplugged session. yah and we were supposed to catch the chords (which i sorta had the gift for! hahahah) for this newly composed song and i had to play the piano (which i totally suck at). the performance is on the 13th, just 2 days before my OB paper. SHIT happens. HAHHAH but nvm will work hard for everything.

anyway had our last ob lesson with chi ching. okay la. she's really not a bad person. it's just that her lessons do not value-add very much. but she's really intrinsically warm and caring. hahha and so we took some photos with her before we parted.

oh yeah tapas at bakerzin later in the afternoon! i am saving my stomach for that! heehee

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