Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just went for luna briefing, and guess who i saw??? - eugenia and bee kwee. how small can the world be. HAAHAHAH

i really DISLIKE CHOIR ELECTIVE IN NTU. ahahah prof chia kinda sux, and the songs sux...jj says that it is becuz i am biased towards VC. well, OF CUZ!

got supper treat by yingguang just now. had oc supper items like prata hotdog (OMG) and nuggest (OMG) and peach and green apple drinks (OMG). hahahaha before that i had pork chop while ben had chicken chop. oh and there were these 2 red bull ladies (ermmm..) going around giving out red bulls. (darts eyes & evil grins)

been watching 'how i met your mother' for a while (all thanks to kiat!) and i am addicted. shit. off to season 2 episode 8 now. correction. ep 9.

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