Thursday, January 01, 2009

met michelle, jiamin, kah jun, zhong and weilin at braddell macs to practise at the rc at block 119 (i think) before the event. HAHAHHA it was quite fun singing inside with so much echo. :P

i would like to thank 3+1 and derrick and shaun and yao feng for going to toa payoh to give me their support yesterday for the countdown party performance! hahahahah made barney my photographer for the event...HAHHA after everything we had to help jam band to clear their props from the stage while the belly dancers were on it. woohoo just returned home from derrick's place at cck.

went with 3+1 and derrick to casuarina to eat prata. ok service was quite bad but the food's good! :D counted down at the shop before we picked up the heineken and baileys from my house before we went over to derrick's house to play cards and ps2. HAHAHA then 3+1 had to squeeze on 2 single beds while derrick slept on his di lam. in the end we didn't drink the alcohol (AGAIN). nvm. HAHaHA anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

I better post up my new year resolutions soon. :D

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