Monday, January 05, 2009

hahaha another trial, another experience. well i think i really tried my best on stage today but i guess the nerves just took over and i couldn't control my voice as well as i should have la. HAHAHAH anyway the other contestants were really quite zai. i saw bee kwee (fran's friend) and also miss yap. HAHAHAHAHA oh and got to know quite a few other peeps la. MOST IMPORTANTLY is that everlyn, wensi and derrick were there to keep me company, help me record video and give me support. HAHAHAHAHA i really gave quite alot of effort for this la. OH WELL. NEXT TIME!! and i should just do more performances (that is if anyone wants to listen to them.:P)

okay consolation: at least i was a step closer than last year when i got kicked out during the auditions. HAHHAHA

ah when i reached home my mom didn't really console me lor. or maybe i was in a bad mood i was quite upset with her. HAIZZZ stupid me. luckily i didn't flare up but pretended to be okay. HAHAHAHAH SORRY MUM.

anyways, cheerleading prac was painful once again. ooo but at least we managed to play badminton and table tennis in between. :) argh i better not do too much of strenous exercises especially those that will tire my right elbow. SHIT.

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