Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hi guys. long time no see to you guys and myself! i hope none of u have forsaken this blog.

a big issue here. i hope i have not forgotten who i am...cuz these past few weeks i have just been going with the flow of time and the crowd and not too sure where my focus is. shit what was i saying...

yah! finally did my first full tutorial today! i am quite happy with this little accomplishment becuz i did not study or do much of my homework for the past weeks. heehee.

oh my niece Alicia with her brother Leroy ---

anyway take care guys. my choir concert is coming up this sunday at NUS yong siew toh conservatory of music at 730pm. hahah this is such a last minute advert on my blog. anyway tix are at 20 bucks! :D

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