Wednesday, July 30, 2008

managed to accomplish many small little stuffs this week. went for singing contest but didn't do well (AGAIN), managed to sell (and give away) some vc concert tickets, packed most of my things for hall life, got my pay cheque from the hotel (quite alot of money for 10 days work! hahah), got sandra to help me with the script for our concert, purchased my bike to be riden around in school(and hopefully it doesn't get stolen)... i feel slightly more organised now.

went back to cat high this morning to eat CANTEEN FOOD. it's amazing how the school had changed so much structurally but the people who have stayed still almost remained the same. the peranakan stall uncle and auntie and the hot drink stall auntie did not change one bit.
HAHAHA saw mr leong and mr suah in school and talked to them alittle about life and school.
yah really miss primary and secondary school days.

well lotsa things coming up. school is making me excited and nervous. i guess these 2 emotions are never apart. well wanna be able to take the jap modules in sem 1. PLS LET ME!!! :D

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