Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's always a taxing affair to start blogging a day's events and thots.

as ben was sending gabriel and i home, i felt really secured and comfortable. i guess there is this sense of belonging after 8 years of singing together. we have sooo many common songs to sing together, and we never get sick of them. all night all day, one song, cantate domino, full fathom five, the songs from big river and aladdin...the feelings that was kept in the heart for some time seemed to have rushed back to my mind. HA! i just didn't feel like getting off the car, wishing for it to last maybe 2 or 3 hours more.

it was SOV08 earlier on. it is a very important ceremony for my juniors i guess. SOVs are always important for vjchoir. the practices and scoldings may break our bodies and minds, but it's also through these rituals that we all learn. it's not only about understanding music better because unknowingly, we got to know the ppl around us and learned to cherish them. i guess this is especially important when you are in year two yah...well one more competition to wales for you guys this year right? work hard, play hard, and continue to rock on...

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I miss singing - yc