Sunday, March 23, 2008

really really had alot of fun these few days.

HAHA errrr went for group one prac yest at marie's house. i kinda like the tune of suzanne un jour. hahah though we couldn't really pronounce the french words properly, but i think we had alot of fun sight-reading the score! heehee...after that went for leonardo prac, then we went to vivocity for the treasure hunt. on the bus we told jokes and logical puzzles. i don't like being on the hook. hahhaa but we had alot of fun on the bus and at vivocity la, though i left early, but got to know the juniors who went a little better. yah hope to have more of such activities in the future. i vote for BBQ! :D

after that rushed over to joel's 21st birthday party. yah had great food and company. :D sang baby baby for joel and attempted to modify some of the lyrics on the spot. hurhur i think i need to do some planning before i carry on withe such risky affairs in the future. hahahah yah i WANT A BIRTHDAY PARTY TOO. hurhurhur

ok just had a long talk with alicia, my brother at work. hahah yah alot about work and life and handling human relationships...anyway even though there's only 4 dollars left in my wallet, i am looking forward to the many karaoke sessions i am going to have this week. heeeheee.

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