Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i wanna earn more money bcuz i get high levels of enjoyment spending it to be around ppl i like and on things i like to do. :D

went to joel's house on sun for potluck. heehee i made fried toast (is there such a thing?). ok three things:

1. yah i know i only know how to deal with bread.

2. melvin's miso soup was really goottttttt, though the fish bones can be a little irritating.

3. we enjoyed playing saboteur. ALOT.

went to sing karaoke with teck kuan and joel. really enjoyed that session very much. got to listen to 2 very good singers there. joel was a little cranky there though...HAHAHA they had free flow of drinks over there so i guess i had a little bit too much hot honey...we sang for 4 hours plus sia.....damn shiok.

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