Monday, September 10, 2007

Some of the things i did:
1. queued up for donuts at donut factory
the queue took me an hour plus and i had donuts for dinner. people keep saying i suffered from sugar rush that night all through the following day
2. asian voice symposium with vc and vjc choir (carmina burana). had a really rushy afternoon trying to find ties. thank god gabriel went to borrow some from our vj juniors. thanks.
3. dinner at lao beijing at novena square. the sweet and sour fish and prawns and brocolli were really good. I like the duck meat wrapped in egg rolls too.
4. went for pre-ord medical checkup at old tracom and managed to meet up with the other cheeseburgers. went to j8 to eat with yee teck and edwin in the morning, and to orchard with daryl and kenneth in the evening.
5. managed to do the itinery for taipei trip at the end of the year. YES i am going to taipei. need anything from there just tell me.

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