Saturday, June 16, 2007

saw a grand total of FOUR pretty babes today. woohoo work rox rock wox. 1 in a restaurant applying to be a cashier and the other 3 who are sisters (!!!!!!!) in toa payoh. WHEEEE i wasn't staring or drooling at all. totally maintained how a gentleman should be. however everyone who was near me would notice that i had a slight grin throughout my encounters with them...muahahahahha. i sound like a desperate cheekopek..... WHEEEE i feel fortunate.

oh i played golf on my phone and challenged chan to 3 games...i didn't know it would get so exciting and competitive HAHAH. it was so fun.
before that we were eating lovely fish and chips from botak jones at toa payoh industrial estate. not bad not bad the service was VERY GOOD...partly becuz we are civil servants...the food was good but i think they gave too much 'chips'...ahahah but it was well-priced at 6 bucks everyone should go try.

one of the happier days of my working life.

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