Wednesday, April 25, 2007

mr cactus should learn to be more fierce.argggggggggh
he tried scolding people today, but however he is not fierce enough and did not get the overall dramatic effect as desired. despite all these, it was still a very very pleasant effort put up by him and he truly deserves a warm round of applause. :P

mr cactus tried car-washing today!!
yah he sorta finished lazing around in some secluded corner of singapore when he found out that his car has been sorta consumed by yellow fallen flowers/leaves. oh the dread of utter embarassment as he and his partner drove along the very populated streets. OH but car-washing was fantastic. mr cactus thinks it relieved much stress and pent-up in the end mr cactus got semi-wet but he was pretty nonchalant about it. another round of applause pls... HAHAHA

who is going canoeing this coming sat? go leh go leh... the weatherman PROMISED sunny weather!!!:D

mr hungry cactus is having his korean noodles now. yeeepiee!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cactus should learn never to say "he and his partner"....


brudey said...

i am habbbing a headache.