Sunday, March 04, 2007

not very happy.

well sometimes life makes you wait for nothing. ok perhaps there are reasons but i am still unhappy about certain things

o well at least the first episode of ugly betty got me hooked.

my mom has been telling me to go to the dentist. i have not seen a dentist for like 3 years??!?! oh no what happened to free dental services in schools? they should have such things in government services together with complimentary medical care. hmph.

i agree that i have no personality, forgetful, impractical, a procrastinator, and lack common sense. o man... i am really a lousy fella. i like to indulge in self-pity. :( somebody get me off the internet real quick i think i need a counsellor i can't stop myself from sitting in front of the computer ARGH. anyone? pls?


sheena said...

oh gosh are you okay? take a chill pill :) :)

brudey said...

arh sheena!!! a thousand of those pills won't cure i dunno what's wrong...bleh. nvm i am getting better now.

Anonymous said...

it is quarter-life crisis! ): Have a little faith! You know you are better than THOSE written, don't you? :p cheerios


P.S oh, share with you something... our very knowledgable teacher shared with us this thing called the six composites. you are what your six closest friends are.. is like you are a reflection/ a mixture of them. so if you don't like who you are, change the people whom you are with, but think about your SIX composites, if you like who they are, then you actually like who you are! Not sure if you get me, but I think it is a beautiful thing to do... to think of your friends and realise you are actually doing fine. ((:

sheena said...

haha is that siying? eh tts a good one. that's why jianhao shld make friends with us RIGHT

:) :) :) :)